Alex Levine: Conclusion

So after the long discussion of what goes into and comes out of the gas leases that states sell to private companies, what aspects of the process remain controversial? Well to start, the citizens of the state must decide if the risks of environmental pollution and habitat disruption of state parks and forests are worth the economic benefit they are receiving. If they are unhappy about how the leasing process is conducted and who gets to make the final decision on whether leases are given out or not, as owners of the land they must demand change. The recreational users of the land should voice their opinion if they do not believe that their rights to access the lands are being fulfilled. In addition, it is possible that citizens would demand stricter environmental regulations on sites located within state forests and parks. As hydraulic fracturing continues its expansion in the coming years, it is important that the citizens of the states are aware that their public lands are being leased for economic benefit at the possible risk of the environment.