Ali Venosa: Profiles of Key Groups and Organizations

1. Halliburton Company
Halliburton is one of the world’s largest oilfield companies. Since it really is up to the fracking industry to begin implementing new technologies, it’s crucial that Halliburton has taken a proactive approach to researching and developing green technologies. Its Cleansuite System Technologies (enhancement technologies designed to make fracking safer) include the Cleanstim fluid, Cleanstream service (using UV light to replace biocides), and Cleanwave treatment system (using electricity to treat flowback water.) Halliburton Co. can be contacted through its website
2. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
The EPA is a federal government agency that aims to protect human and environmental health by enforcing laws enacted by Congress. Since the EPA is the agency that sets regulations (such as the one mandating REC’s), it is a vital part of the fight for environmentally friendly fracking technologies. Without an agency to enforce rules, regulations and policies, there would be no way to monitor if the industry was actually taking strides towards a greener future. The EPA has ten regional offices, and can also be contacted by phone or through their website, under the “Contact Us” tab.
3. Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems (EFDSystems)
EFDSystems is a program started by three scientists as a resource for “unbiased science” in relation to the oil and gas industry. They participate in research and ally with universities and national labs to help the industry move towards a greener future. The program’s emphasis on collaboration and straightforward science is a great example for other programs interested in environmentally friendly technologies. Their website includes contact information for the three founders of the program and other important persons under both the “Contact Us” tab, and on various other pages.
4. General Electric (GE)
GE, like Halliburton, has played a valuable role in leading the industry into a new era
of environmentally conscious technology. With its work on the membrane distillation system, it has obviously taken an interest in improving fracking technology. Even more so, there has been a successful test of the distillation technology, proving that the company is serious about implementing these kinds of technologies. GE is a multinational corporation with many ways to influence and assist on the road to green technology. Its website has links to all of its social media, and a contact form for any questions. Link: