Appendix A: Survey Questions and Answers (SurveyMonkey)

1. Q: Have you heard of the issues concerning pipelines in the United States (e.g. the Keystone pipeline, PennEast pipeline)?

A: Yes, I know a lot about it—23.26 %, 10 students

B: Yes, I’ve heard about it but I’m not sure what’s going on—39.53%, 17 students

C: No, I haven’t heard anything about it—37.21%, 16 students


2. Q: Have you found out most of the information through national or local news?

A: National news—43.24%, 19 students

B: Local news—14.29%, 6 students

C: I haven’t heard anything about this issue—40.48%, 17 students


3. Q: How have your viewpoints on these issues been affected by the media?

A: Negatively—16.28%, 7 students

B: Positively—4.65%, 2 students

C: No effect—79.07%, 34 students


4. Q: Specifically, what media outlet do you get most of your information from?

A: From New York Times (6 responders), the Skimm (4), Social media (5), CNN (5) and The Morning Call (1), among a few others.