Go-To Websites

One website is especially good because of its use of visuals. This website is an anti-fracking website called dangers of fracking, http://www.dangersoffracking.com. As you scroll down the page it visually takes you through the process of fracking. It begins with an explanation of what fracking is and takes you through the whole process, offering important facts and information. This site provides a relatively basic overview of the process and its health effects but is useful in educating those who may have difficulty understanding the issue. It provides links to local officials and local organizations to join or support the anti-fracking movement, encouraging mobilization of citizens. There are a total of 3 links in addition to links to their Facebook and twitter pages.

Frack Action is a great website for the anti-fracking movement, http://www.frackaction.com. It is an easy to use website offering a variety of resources including research, news articles, blogs, videos, and factsheets. One page on the website is devoted to the health effects of fracking on the population, discussing the issues using easy to understand language. At the end, it includes 10 links to more research for advanced readers looking for more information on the issue and links to its Facebook and twitter pages.

The Marcellus Shale Coalition offers plenty of information on fracking, http://marcelluscoalition.org/marcellus-shale/production-processes/water/. It offers another perspective from those who support fracking. There are sections devoted to water and how industry prevents groundwater pollution. The frequently asked question section is helpful in answering common concerns citizens have surrounding fracking. It is easy to navigate but there is a lot of information to dig through. It provides countless news articles totaling up to 38 pages worth of news article and 24 links to other resources.

The fracking section on Food and Water Watch’s website is useful, https://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/problems/fracking. They provide reports, links, and videos concerning the issue. It is easy to use but you can get lost in all of the information it provides on various subjects. They believe fracking to be a problem that threatens the environment and population. What I find most compelling is they link fracking to other issues going on, making it more relatable. They offer a link to their page on broken democracy explaining how corporation are controlling the public debate over fracking and other major issues in America. The site also provides information concerning experts in the field and their contact information. Other links include links to their Facebook and twitter pages and a policy and research library that provides 324 pages of links to articles.

Another good website is the Groundwater Protection Council’s website on fracking, http://fracfocus.org. It is also regulated by the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission. You can search for information about the chemicals used in fracking and put this information into perspective through their educational materials. It goes through how the fracturing process works, groundwater protection, chemical use, state regulations, and you can find a well by state. The missions of both the organizations that run it are conservation and environmental protection. The information here is intended to be unbiased and revolves around facts, which is extremely useful in learning more about the topic of fracking and its health effects. Their website is easy to use and provides 20 links to other resources and research.

Energy Action Coalition’s website, http://www.wearepowershift.org/about, provides useful information concerning fracking and how to get involved. They are an anti-fracking, grassroots driven online community. Their goal is to strengthen the youth climate movement. They provide blogs on fracking and offer a forum for people to share resources, exchange stories, and form relationships. This easy to navigate website provides links to their Facebook and twitter page and the Energy Action Coalition’s main website. It lists their 18 partners with links to their websites and provides links to numerous media hits.