Kimberly Williams: Key Profiles

Due to their experience with communities and fracking, the following four individuals can be considered experts on the topic of citizens’ input regarding fracking in Pennsylvania’s Bradford and Susquehanna Counties. The first is Susan Phillips, a reporter from State Impact. State Impact is a joint project between National Public Radio and local public radio stations to examine the impact of state policies and then inform and engage citizens based on findings. As Susan is one of two reporters examining fracking in Pennsylvania, she has extensive knowledge of the subject matter. Her articles cover subjects like government regulation, citizen response, academic studies, and legal action. They strive to expose the real effects of fracking activity in Pennsylvania. Susan’s background includes a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from George Washington University and a graduate degree in Journalism from Columbia School of Journalism. Her work has been critically acclaimed; she won an award for her coverage of Pennsylvania’s natural gas rush in the series called “The Shale Game.” Susan can be contacted via email at

Second on the list of experts on the subject of citizens’ input regarding fracking is Bradford County Commissioner Doug McLinko. Doug McLinko can be considered particularly knowledgeable because he was part of a group of individuals who provided testimony on the impacts of fracking to the Republican Policy Committee of the Pennsylvania State Senate. McLinko provided information about how Bradford County has been affected by Marcellus Shale development, specifically in regard to improved economic prosperity, a housing shortage, and increased crime. McLinko can be reached through the Bradford County Commissioners Office at

Another individual who could provide testimony regarding the opinions of citizens on fracking is Janenne Goliash. She serves as legislative aide to Pennsylvania State Senator Gene Yaw. Her office is in Towanda, which is within Bradford County. As a legislative aide, Goliash would have the greatest capacity to provide information about the sentiments about fracking that citizens have expressed. This is because the district offices handle constituent relations the most out of the Senator’s office and respond to the majority of calls or visits that citizens pay to the office. Janenne Goliash can be reached at

Finally, attorney Douglas A. Clark of The Clark Law Firm, PC., can serve as an expert on the subject of citizens’ input regarding fracking in Pennsylvania because he provides legal council to citizens going through the process of leasing their land for natural gas drilling. His work requires that he help clients through the entire process, explaining details, answering questions, and offering recommendations. Through his work with these clients, Clark would learn their priorities and their concerns. Clark’s background includes six years of experience in the area of oil and gas legal counsel. He can be contacted by phone at The Clark Law Firm, PC. office at (570) 307-0702. His website is located at