Lindsay Hoskins: Profiles of Key Individuals and Groups

Swank Program in Rural-Urban Policy Summery and Report – The Ohio State University

Dr. Mark Partridge is Swank Professor of Rural- Urban Policy, Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics at The Ohio State University. Dr. Amanda Weinstien is in the Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics at The Ohio State University.

They released a study in December 2011 that examines the growth Pennsylvania is having because of natural gas exploration, particularly in the area of economics. Their study is important because it outlines the flawed industry studies about job creation and economical positives and provides clarification of more reliable estimations of economic impacts that will occur in Ohio in the next couple years. Based on what has happened in drilling versus non-drilling areas in Pennsylvania the pair estimates what will become of Ohio when the gas industries move in. You can find more information on their findings at

Study: The Economic Impact of Natural Gas Industry and the Marcellus Shale Development in West Virginia.

This study done by West Virginia University looks at the economic impact the natural gas industry had on West Virginia in 2009. Amy Higginbotham, Adam Pellicle, Tami Gurley-Calves, and Tom S. Witt in the Bureau of Business and EconomicResearch CollegeofBusinessandEconomics WestVirginiaUniversity conducted the study. This is an objective source that analyzes data to explain impacts drilling have on the area. More information can be found on their website,

COGENT (The Connection for Oil, Gas & the Environment in the Northern Tier)

COGENT is a resource for landowners and communities within Pennsylvania that need reliable information regarding all the components of living next to or near unconventional gas sites. COGENT is a good resource for finding out what issues are plaguing an area and how they should be dealt with. It displays local concerns from all around the state. The site is a good balance of negative and positive information with objectivity. The site advocates a balance of public health, safety, community, and environment with the needs of the gas industry. COGENT can be contacted on its website at

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

This state agency website displays news of what is going on with the Act 13 along with new grants that have been awarded by Governor Corbett. The site has web seminars to help explain and address improvements that have been, or need to be, made in Act 13. Also there are PowerPoint presentations outlining different actions Act 13 does to enforce and protect the environment. There are resources such as permit forms for oil and gas wells. To contact the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection go to its website