Advocacy and Fracking

Jennifer Barry
Computer Science, 2016

Research Paper: 


Advocacy, or promoting or reinforcing a change in policy, program or legislation, is important because it is how the public can become more informed about current issues. Without activists spreading awareness of hydraulic fracturing’s, or fracking’s, adverse implications, the public wouldn’t know they could be at risk.

As data demonstrating the dangers of hydraulic fracturing grows, it is important for everyone to have resources they can use if they want to join the anti-fracking movement. College students should be informed about these issues so they can take action if they want encourage their institutions to divest fracking activities or start a rally on campus. Since there are various advocacy methods, everyone can get involved in their own way depending on their commitment to the cause.

Very often, the public feels hopeless from negative news coverage, especially as it relates to their health or the environment. By hearing about advocates’ successes, the public can rest easier knowing people are trying to enact positive changes in the world.

Advocacy against fracking is important because the bigger the movement, the larger the impact it has on legislation. The more vocal people are against fracking, the more likely politicians will fight for changes in current governmental regulations.