Class Videos

Students Speak about their Fracking Research

Members of the 2013 class on “Environment, the Public and the Mass Media” were asked to prepare brief videos about their fracking research projects in addition to their research papers. The videos were to explain why they were interested in their topics and present a few of their research findings. For most of these students, this was their first video project. Some attempted to insert photos and charts into their videos, while others chose just to talk about their topics. A student videographer, Meghan Barwick, shot the videos. Seven of these videos have accompanying research papers that can be found in the Research section.   The videos below present information on other aspects of the class fracking research project.


The Business End of Fracking
Kevin Benoit, Biology, 2015—The geology of fracking 
Brian Grelis, 2014, Earth and Environmental Sciences—Drilling trends and supporting infrastructure
Alexandra (Ali) Venosa, 2015, Science and Environmental Writing—New drilling technologies and processes
Alec Krosser, 2014, Behavioral Neurosciences—Positive economic effects of fracking on the nation
Community Impact and Regulations
Heather Doll, 2015, Environmental Studies—Job creation in communities
Daniel Jukabovitz, 2014, Global StudiesCongress, federal fracking regulations and the EPA
Madeleine Smith, 2015, Science and Environmental Writing and Cognitive Science--State Regulations: A comparison of
Colorado and Pennsylvania
Dana Raber, 2014, Environmental Studies—Hydraulic fracturing on federal public and Indian tribal lands
Impacts on the Environment, Health and Citizens
Layla Gonzalez 2015, Environmental Studies and Political Science—Water scarcity and using water for fracking
Sarah Militana, 2015, Computer ScienceWastewater from the fracking process
Emily Gibbs, 2014, Environmental Studies and Global Studies—Environmental effects of fracking on farmland
Amber Schrum, 2016, Integrated Degree in Engineering, Arts and Sciences (IDEAS)—Comparisons among natural gas,
coal and alternative energies
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Taveras, Environmental Engineering - Health impacts related to fracking
Ariella Scalese, 2014, Earth and Environmental Science—Groups for and against fracking