Charlotte Weisberg: Conclusion

The majority of wastewater disposal methods that exist currently lack in necessary regulation and that is truly what makes the process so environmentally and economically damaging. In reality, methods such as open air pit disposal should no longer be an option for energy companies due to the vast number of issues that have resulted from them. Underground injection is becoming an inviable option to these companies as well due to the bad press they have gotten for causing seismic activity and countless impacts on ecosystems. With North America beginning to look like a pin cushion when underground injection wells are mapped out, companies are likely going to begin feeling pressure to come up with new solutions and new technology. Unless wastewater from fracking becomes subject to stricter regulations or these disposal methods undergo renovations, the energy companies will be incapable of continuing at this rate of disposal. It becomes evident that water reuse and recycling is an option which needs to be more carefully explored. Companies should begin looking towards these types of methods to ultimately save on cost and drive fracking toward being the clean energy source that America needs.