Charlotte Weisberg: Go-To Websites

1. National Resources Defense Council
This website is run by NRDC; one of the nation’s largest environmental action groups with over two million members and activists. The website is well-designed and offers constant updates on global and local environmental issues which are trending and pertinent. There are 16 different “Issues” sections which are available to navigate with graphics and content for further understanding in each area. This is a very widely-cited and reliable source, although is heavily environmentally biased; offering primarily anti-fracking type stories and coverage.

2. - EarthWorks
This website is essential in understanding exactly all the issues surrounding hydraulic fracturing. The home page offers a constant stream of the latest issues in the U.S. surrounding environmental impacts of fracking, and immediately connects you to “Fracking 101” and “Mining 101” in just one click. The Fracking 101 section is extensive and outlines all aspects of fracking, citing information from US Geological Surveys, ProPublica, and even state health departments. Although EarthWorks is biased towards pro-environmental viewpoints, it offers a much more balanced and non-biased stream of information than most websites of its kind.

3. - WaterWorld International
This website is an online news source by WaterWorld that covers water resource issues on a global scale. The International sector comprises all of the latest news on emerging technology and projects as well as information on the industrial wastewater process. The website offers years of archives of WaterWorld Magazine articles as well as a list of over 100 resources for those looking for more information about companies involved in the water industry.

4. - NPR StateImpact Reports
This is a website run by National Public Radio journalists who provide an array of stories on hydraulic fracturing and waste disposal. Upon entering the site, four tabs are available which provide information on the topic you have searched; Regulation, Economy, Influence, and Impact. These tabs are very useful in understanding a topic such as “Deep Injection Wells”, as they guide the user to the most recent stories related to the topic in all four areas. A very helpful website and extremely reliable source.

5. - FracFocus Chemical Disclosure Registry
This website is the primary registry for all hydraulic fracturing companies to offer public access to reports of chemicals used in their processes. The site offers an interactive map in which the user can find where fracking wells exist across the U.S. and what kind of regulation is in place in each state. Also offered is a map that users can access direct contact information for their state’s regulatory office. This site is very visually attractive and user-friendly, which offers a very non biased viewpoint.

6. - Weatherford International Energy Company
This site is particularly useful in gaining a perspective on the industrial side of waste disposal from fracking. Although this site is highly biased toward a pro-fracking viewpoint, as Weatherford is one of the top energy producers from natural gas in the world, it remains one of the more useful industrial company’s websites. The website offers video and interactive maps outline all the services offered. Their tab for “sustainability” offers a unique look into new technology that the company is offering worldwide and how they are working towards decreasing environmental impacts from the wastewater produced by their shale plays.