Job Creation, Workers’ Regulations and Health Concerns

Munise Aksoy
Architecture, Art and Design, 2015

Research Paper: 


Hydraulic fracturing, also widely known as fracking, has provided America with an energy boom over the past few years. It is a drilling technique used to extract natural gas by fracturing shale formations thousands of feet beneath the earth''s surface.

While the oil and gas industry created roughly one million job opportunities over the course of its developing years, workers safety has been a continuing concern in industries that deal with life-threatening tasks. In fact, as the fracking industry continues to grow, so too do concerns about worker's conditions and their impact on towns whose residents have faced an inflow of workers and some problems particularly in areas where fracking sites have become more common.

Pennsylvania, for example, is a key state in drilling activity and although the Bethlehem region is quite distant from active drilling sites, the social impacts that come along with the industry are of concern to many who are also within miles of fracking regions.

In essence, there are many other shale formations around the United States where drilling activity is on the go. For that matter, it is highly crucial for anyone to be knowledgeable about the end of the spectrum that affects humans in particular.