Julia Ruxin: Web Resources

1. Economonitor is a website where economists, financial professionals, political thinkers, and more can contribute pieces for the site. Economonitor has regular bloggers, and guest contributors who write about all aspects of economics. The site contains many articles and blog posts about fracking. One of the site bloggers, Ed Dolan, wrote a post about fracking economics and the environment. The post contains links to other articles, reports, and companies discussed.
2. Energy Tomorrow is a website run by the American Petroleum Institute. The site has five main categories: types of energy sources, security concerns, economic issues, job creation, and environment and safety issues, and a blog. Within each category, there are links to different resources including blog posts, published papers, videos, podcasts, and twitter feeds. The economy category gives information about pensions, taxes, earnings, and gas prices. The website also provides a list of events. This site is a good starting point for gathering information because further research can be gathered through the many resources it offers.
3. Catskill Mountainkeeper is a grassroots advocacy organization that works to protect and preserve the Catskill Region of New York State. The website contains an entire program dedicated to fracking. It includes articles on a variety of issues associated with fracking such as air pollution, water contamination, and economic implications. The articles contain links to external reports mentioned as well as links to other related articles within the website.
4. Oil & Gas Monitor is an online forum that monitors developments that affect the world of oil and gas exploration, finance and investing, compliance and regulation, and equipment and technology. The website contains expert articles, biographies on the expert writers, and links to resources for more information, products and services to the oil and gas industry. The homepage contains links to headlining articles, recent posts, as well as a “monitor cloud”: a word cloud containing the most commonly used words in oil and gas discussions.
5. Stop Drilling Go Clean is website maintained by the Sierra Club Niagara Group of Western New York. The website contains information about various topics associated with fracking such as flaws of Department of Environmental Conservation Environmental Impact Statement, facts on hydrofracking, and economic problems with fracking. The website also provides an opportunity for visitors to take action against fracking in New York. The content of the website provides links to other websites, newspaper articles, and published reports associated with the various topics.
6. Fracking Insider provides insight and analysis of regulatory, legislative, legal, and economic developments associated with fracking. The economics section of the site has many articles written by experts in the field. The articles contain links to government
acts and reports discussed as well as links to the websites of other companies or organizations mentioned. The website is a good resource for gathering information about a variety of issues related to hydraulic fracturing.

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