Lindsay Hoskins: Web Resources for Additional Information

1. The Economic Effects of Hyrdrofracturing on Local Economies

New York’s state governments report on what Pennsylvania’s experience in hydro fracturing to decide if it is good for New York. The report analyzes data by jobs and income growth in Pennsylvania and is extremely in depth with a lot of background on the development of the Marcellus Shale. It also has a lot of charts supporting the data it has found and conclusions it has made. The report shows that Pennsylvania has had significant economic growth in areas where hydraulic fracking took place. The site is clear and informative, and heavily filled with content. Link:

2. Interview with George Mitchell

This interview with pioneer of the shale gas economy, George Mitchell, provides an insider’s expertise and concerns in an industry he helped create. Mitchell is balanced in addressing the positive economic progress of hydraulic fracturing, but also addressing risks that come along with it. Mitchell expresses concern for natural gas companies failing to address environmental issues. He believes the gas companies should be held more accountable for regulation that will be more beneficial to communities.

3. New York Times Article: With Gas Drilling Next Door, County in New York Gets an Economic Lift

This article showed how gas drilling has positive impacts on areas not involved. The area of Horseheads, N.Y., is experiencing an economic boost from drilling workers passing through the area looking for something to buy for their wives or girlfriends. The story displays positive impacts of gas drilling by analyzing sales in stores. It also
stays balanced by showing the problems that have also followed such as the lack of housing for both residents and workers moving into the area. Link: chemung-county-ny-economic-boost.html?pagewanted=all

4. CNN’s series, Gas fracking divides Pennsylvania

The story follows the personal story of mechanic Christ Sutton, who becomes a millionaire because of natural gas production. The story is balanced because it shows what fortune one community member can have, and what turmoil another can have. After talking about Sutton, the story transitions into problems of other residents. The story does a good job of bringing personal stories into the article to make it interesting. Link:

5. Market Watch article, Can Fracking save the U.S. economy?

This article talks about the performance of counties in comparison to drilling wells in the area. This story looks at the positive impacts natural gas companies can bring back to America. The article looks at the different states being impacted by natural gas and how much gas they produce. Link:

6. National Association of Royalty Owners- Pennsylvania

This national organization represents, oil and gas royalty owners’ interests. The organization is important because it looks out for the landowners and acts as a resource to protect their interests. It holds meetings statewide in Pennsylvania to help bring the concerns of royalty owners to elected officials to help protect their land and rights. This organization has first-hand accounts of experiences felt by the gas companies moving in. The website also keeps royalty owners informed about what is happening with particular gas companies and leases. More information can be found at

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