Lynda Asadourian: Key Profiles

1. The Environmental Protection Agency is a governmental agency that plays an important role in the possible health effects that fracking causes. They are the ones who monitor the environmental impacts that fracking sites may cause. They test if there is soil, water, and air contamination. These are the various pathways in which individuals are exposed to fracking chemicals. They are currently about to start a nationwide project about the potential drinking water impacts from fracking. At this website (, you will find a phone number to call if there are emergency events, spills, or releases.

2. The PA Department of Environmental Protection protects PA’s environment and safety of its citizens. They work with various organizations that prevent pollution and protect natural resources. The website below is where individuals can report a complaint pertaining to fracking in the Southwest Region of PA. (

3. The Pennsylvania Department of Health is another governmental agency that plays an important role with this topic. Since Lehigh University is in Pennsylvania, this would be the specific state health agency to go to for information about the possible health effects from fracking. They work closely within communities to promote optimal health of citizens of the Pennsylvania.

4. The Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project is a nonprofit environmental health organization. Their main mission is to assist Washington County residents who believe their health has been impacted from natural gas drilling. They have a nurse practioner who is available for individuals who have a health concern and think it is from fracking. This office provides a lot of information about the possible pathways individuals may be affected from fracking chemicals. (

5. The Endocrine Disruption Exchange, TEDX, is a non-profit organization that is devoted to providing scientific evidence of the possible health and environmental impacts that are caused from endocrine disruptors. One area that they focus are chemicals used in fracking. Many of the drilling chemicals contain endocrine disruptors. They are conducting research in Colorado and have been a big part of conducting the Garfield County case studies. (