Lynda Asadourian: Web Resources

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This article demonstrates how individuals may have a small exposure to drilling chemicals, which can lead to serious health effects. Chemicals that are endocrine disruptors are explained here.

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Dr. Jill Kriesky speaks at the University of Pittsburgh Public Forum about Public Health Impacts from fracking the Marcellus Shale. The University of Pittsburgh is a big player in conducting studies that analyze the potential health impacts.

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article discusses Giesinger Health Systems and its findings on the potential health effects from fracking. Here you will find a video that interviews Professor Tony Ingraffea from Cornell University. He explains the fracking process and why individuals should be concerned about their health.

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Dr. Bernard D. Goldstein is the Interim Director for the Center for Healthy Environments and Communities at the University of Pittsburgh. Here is a slide show of the potential health effects that Marcellus Shale may have. There is information about the effects on a community.