Lyndsey Collins: Web Resources

1. is a website run by an alliance of artists and media activists who use their skills to protect communities and the environment from natural gas drilling. The website provides links to numerous anti-fracking blogs and videos produced by these artists. is easy to navigate by supplying vast amounts of information through multi-media platforms.

2. is a website dedicated to informing the public about the dangers of fracking. The information provides an innumerable number of links to current articles related to the anti-fracking movement. To help its viewers find articles more easily, divides the articles into International News, National News, Regional News, Oppositions & Regulations, and Industry Claims.

3. is a website run by the filmmakers of “Gasland (2010).” The section labeled “Organizations” is a great resource to find anti-fracking organizations in your state. It is extremely easy to use and even provides short descriptions and contact information for the organizations that you may be interested in.

FrackAlert is an anti-fracking website that provides background information about pipelines and gas wells in addition to a detailed national map of “fraccidents.” The site also supplies viewers with links to documentaries and podcasts about fracking. Finally, the site provides extensive instructions on how to report suspicious fracking activity from who to call and what to record.

5. strives to provide information about Marcellus Shale issues in an unbiased manner. The site provides a map of permitted drill sites, legislation, and opinion articles, both for and against fracking. There are also numerous videos from court hearings, demonstrations, documentaries and interviews. The site is easy to navigate and provides viewers with a balanced perspective of the fracking situation.

Don’t Frack with NY is a website dedicated to protecting New York State’s drinking water from fracking. The site provides a clear description of what fracking is and different ways to take action against it. The homepage is used for blog posts about recent updates in Governor Cuomo’s decision about fracking in New York. 

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