Positive Economic Effects Associated with Hydraulic Fracking

Alec Krosser
Behavioral Neurosciences 2014

Research Paper: 


Hydraulic fracturing is currently occurring in many towns across the United States, and the natural gas obtained from hydraulic fracturing is helping to make the U.S. self-sufficient in terms of energy. Becoming self-sufficient for energy allows the U.S. to spend less money because of decreased importing expenses, and not relying on other countries as energy sources provides the U.S. with more internal stability. Natural gas companies also pay the government money in taxes. All of these are positive economic aspects that benefit the country.
This paper examines economic effects and how they relate to controversial aspects of hydraulic fracturing. One controversy addressed in this paper is whether the U.S. has enough natural gas for it to be a long-term solution. Another controversy looked into is whether the natural gas companies are paying the government a fair amount of money in taxes.
Hydraulic fracturing is a national topic that affects the entire nation’s economy. Although state and local issues are present, debates of whether the U.S. should export gas is a national topic. Everybody should be aware of the controversy and issues before making a decision about this complex topic.