Organizational and Celebrity Activism

Lyndsey Collins
Lehigh University Marcellus Shale - Lyndsey Collins
Sociology 2014

Research Paper: 

Lehigh University Marcellus Shale - Organizational and Celebrity Activism


Activism is an important aspect of the fracking situation because it gives concerned citizens a chance to balance the playing field against natural gas industries. Hydraulic fracturing companies spend millions of dollars in lobbying efforts and public relations making it difficult for citizens to fight against. Organized activist groups allow citizens to express their concerns and demand changes in regulations in an effective manner. Activist groups have added to the complexity of the fracking controversy. Each group has its own set of goals and methods of attaining these objectives. Activist groups are not simply for or against fracking. Some encourage increased standards while others want more transparency. Citizens should be concerned with activist groups so if they decide to join an organization, they can pick the group that best fits their interests. Activist organizations can be a valuable tool for the general public. Activist groups can help citizens learn more information about their rights, act as a liaison between landowners and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, as well as constituents and their municipality officials. Even if you are not a member of an activist organization, it can still be an important asset to utilize if you are ever faced with fracking in your region.