Health Effects that May Result From Fracking

Lynda Asadourian
Environmental Studies 2013

Research Paper: 


The health impact that hydraulic fracking may have on humans is important for the fracking situation because health is usually individuals’ biggest concern. Health is something that impacts individuals directly in an uncontrollable way. If individuals did not feel that they are putting their health at risk, then the fracking situation would gain more support from the community. However, if it is proven that fracking causes serious negative health effects, then the entire fracking situation could be halted.

The connection between fracking and its possible health impacts stirs up some controversy. The uncertainty of this relationship makes individuals feel uncomfortable and not supportive of this industry. Exposure to fracking chemicals is not strictly regulated, making individuals skeptical about the situation. The fracking chemicals used are known to pose a threat to human health, so it’s a controversy why they are allowed.

The health concern that arises from the fracking situation is important for the general public because public health may be at risk. Large-scale studies about this matter have not been done to help the public’s health knowledge on this issue.

Having knowledge about this issue is not only valuable to those who live in a close proximity to fracking sites, but it is also important for other members in our society—the workers at these fracking sites, for public health organizations, health care professionals, and many more.